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  1. I receive error messages from PFPX stating that the fuel required exceeds tank capacity. I get this with different aircraft, mostly with Qualitywings 787, PMDG B-747 and 777. I do not get this error every time but often enough to become a real problem. The fuel capacity in the PFPX aircraft data page shows ample fuel capacity, I have also modified the config file likewise. I still receive the error . This problem has been addressed before in Aerosoft forum but it is no longer available to review. PFPX company support is never available Thank you
  2. I should add that I looked up the PFPX manual and no mention of it is in there. It's a pity that PFPX does not support its product. This is trend prevalent in this sim industry
  3. An explanation is needed for the VP VOR's depicted on the PFPX normal maps and editing maps. Below is a picture of those VOR's all over the maps. They do not sow the associated frequency and are therefore useless. They could be useful for VOR/VORTAC navigation. Maybe someone can explain those.
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