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  1. I'm not sure if I have missed an entry in this forum. But after the last Update to 1.0.3 the switches for "NO SMOKING" and "FASTEN BELT" in the overhead are not staying in the "ON" position anymore. Therefore the "No smoking" and "Fasten belt" lights in the cabin are not working.
  2. Yes - but the external models of the CRJ and TwinOtter are note there because they are scrambled and hidden anywhere else.
  3. I would say, it is because of the marketplace installation. Same for the CRJ. In my TWotter installation, bought directly from Aerosoft, the external model is there.
  4. Good morning, I've already created a livery for the Twin Otter WHEELS PAX 300. But I'm wondering why the region in the texture map for the propeller spinner is not used when the propeller is not rotating. Obviously the texture map for the rotating spinner is used. (I have only checked that on the wheels pax) Is that a bug in the script? Would you please check that? Thanks in advance!
  5. Unfortunately I can‘t test it today, while I‘m not at home. But I heared from some friends, which have the same problems after the update. But also from others which don‘t encounter any problems. Sounds a bit strange. P.S.: Could be linked by the kind of installation. The working ones were bought at the aerosoft shop -> comunity folder.
  6. I can confirm, that the marketplace worked for me right now. Thank you!
  7. I‘ve given the CRJ a 5-star rating monthes ago, because it is still one of the best airplanes available for MSFS. Even though is it not working at the moment.
  8. Yes - tried it with single and dual axis settings. Btw. that was my setting before the update.
  9. As mentioned before: the EFB calibration wont move. So calibration is not possible even when I have set T1 and T2 to my Throttle axis.
  10. The workaround doesn't fix the issue here with my X52. Any further ideas?
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