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  1. I also went for the full lic. After installing sim probe every thing is working better. I like your land fill slope, I have visited Key West & Ruskin Fla. several times and thought to myself that they would be great slope sites. Give the Miffin Pa. day 1 task a try, its fun! plan ahead. I did manage to complete it first try. However I won't say how long my time was. I was flying the soar Discus v3. The Aerosoft Discus x is on my wish list!
  2. Rockitglider: please let us know how you make out with the registered CumulusX!. I am giving the demo a try this week. I works well with thermal lift, but ridge or slope does not seem to not be available. Other wise a very good addision to FSX. DA! never mind I got it now. Seems I never installed the Sim Probe part of the CX! down load. Still some learning curve to go but Ridge lift is showing up now.
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