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  1. See here I recreated the problem! It is not only autopilot, I want to arm the reverser on approach. Actually they work but the switch is not moving in the simulation. The reverser message on / off show on the CAS. After that I disengage / eng autopilot as you hear and see the autopilot does disengage / engage but the button is frozen, the lights don't turn on or off. It was not after turnaround but first flight If you can't see the movie download here: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/fe97de331deef8ebbfdca01f65de166720210527101941/30c38adde1e4b11235b4586dde64e2b420210527101959/b0a9f7 IMG_2102.MOV
  2. In combination with Aviaworx and Airmanager my pit can switch really easy between different setups: Because of all the touchscreens! Overhead Ipad etc. (MIP annuciator) lights are working for PMDG 737) Landing gear lever works with everything All FMC and overhead work via touchscreen on PMDG 737 / 747 FsLabs / Aerosoft CRJ etc. MCP Combo for MCP EFIS RADIOS Navigraph Charts as EFB on second IPAD
  3. On my way in the Aerosoft CRJ in MSFS from RJBB-VHHH
  4. I had the same problem only when I launched the wrong version of my Aviaworx FMC. Maybe one of your addons?
  5. It was after a turnaround, I don't know if I switched de FD off. It should not matter should it? On the moment on a worldtour, will see if I can recreate the events and report back
  6. Thanks for your reply, Yes, I know all that, have a lot of experience and a home cockpit setup. The thing is that in a long flight (multiple legs) the lights on the buttons freeze. So the lights stay on if I press the NAV button normally they would disengage but in this situation not, it is a bug! Also the Autopilot does disengage / engage but the two green lights stay on no matter what. If I normally press NAV or HDG or AP ENG on the buttons the two green lights will go on/ off if it disengages / engages. It only happens after long flight, already twice now. Since I am flying a tour around the world now, after a stop and takeoff it sometimes happens.
  7. Already two flights I had after long session: The autopilot lights for the buttons NAV ALT etc stay with green lights on they don’t turn off when pressing.
  8. No I have a MCP Combo panel by VRinsight see picture above, there is a bridge for it to make it work on the Lorby website. But might be able to also use Arduino if Lorby Axis and OH can identify it as a controller then you can bind the correct actions to it with the software. Better is to ask that in the Lorby support forum, I have not enough knowledge of that!
  9. So I got it to work! What I did was merge the CRJ and MCP Combo templates and then change the key down event from the MCP Combo to the CRJ script one. Now all rotaries are working perfectly in my MCP Combo! If someone wants my CRJ template send me a PM. Gr. Robert
  10. Hello, this is so great! Thank you so much for this scripts! Now I got my VR Insight MCP Combo also working with a bridge Lorby made. The only thing is that my rotaries switches work with altitude inc and dec only they go really slow up and down. I know that in LINDA there was a option for Inc slow and Inc fast for rotaries? It only works when I slow dial the rotary, when fast dailing the rotary switch the green light also doesn't light up Or do I do something else wrong? There is already a code for the Lorby programm here: https://axisandohs.weebly.com/uploads/6/0/8/2/60827113/basic_ap_setup_mcp_combo2.tmpl But how to make it work with your CRJ script? Gr. Robert
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