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  1. MSFS was my introduction to flight simming and pretty much aviation in general. Without going on a big spill, I'm really disappointed with the CRJ aircraft. It was an absolute waste of $50 and to be honest has probably turned me away from buying any payware aircraft again. It's been 3 months since it's launch and it still doesn't work. AP is a joke, won't follow flight plan, that's just scratching the surface. There was a thread here from a month ago that said there was an impending update that was allegedly going to fix this issues. What happened? If I were aerosoft, I'd be ashamed to have a product that doesn't stack anywhere near what the flybywire team has accomplished. Mind you, that's freeware. I know I won't get my money back, I just wanted to express my aggravation and disappoinment because this was a waste of $50.
  2. That is welcoming information. I hope we can expect an update soon?
  3. Same here. KGSO to KORD, FL200. After fighting to get the aircraft to actually climb in AP, it randomly wobbles left and right. What a waste of $50, how can the A32NX team out perform a company? I don't mean to be insulting but good gracious, I've made 7 test flights and can't make it 50nm away from my origin airport but I call it quits.
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