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  1. Honeycomb just had a Twitter post up that said all their products (including new ones) can be bought again. I had the notification on my iPhone. When I opened up Twitter, the post was deleted again. I guess they are preparing an announcement and accidentally went out to early. That should imply stock is available again. The only question is how long it will take to reach European shores 🙂
  2. This is only relevant for in-game marketplace purchases right? Or will there be a way to redeem direct purchases?
  3. Hello Marius, the two weeks went by rather quickly and we're curiously waiting. Is there something worth sharing at this point? Either way, thanks for keeping us posted.
  4. I kind of get the feeling of having ordered in the wrong country, i.e. Germany. Stores in GB and the US seem to get a few items every once in a while... Or was the news about exactly the unit I'll ordered in April? :-) I still wonder about the size of the backlog of open orders...
  5. Es gibt noch einige Probleme mehr, verdrehte Schilder, fliegende Gebäude und der halbe Flughafen steht unter Wasser. Wahrscheinlich eher was fúr Zendesk.
  6. Looking forward to it. Even if my order wouldn't be part of the next badge it would get a little closer anyway.
  7. I consider that amazing news. Really cool. If you're in need of a beta tester, feel free to reach out ;-)
  8. I bought the airport during the recent sale event and I have to agree that the quality is far below Aerosoft standards. While it's not a first-party airport, you would still expect decent quality for that price. The textures are really blurry and certain buildings could benefit from a higher polygon count.
  9. I wholeheartedly agree and would love to see a solution similar to OrbX Central. Having to juggle a ton of installers that can often not be updated with ASUpdater is so 1999.
  10. I bought a couple airports during the recent sale and realized each comes with it's own installer. Also, it seems like ASUpdater wasn't able to update Paderborn to itself. I had to fetch the setup file from a news post on the homepage. The Windows Start menu now has an entry for each airport I bought. This isn't ideal and I am wondering if something akin to OrbX Central or Contrail is planned in the near future? I would love to have one download manager for all products I bought at Aerosoft.com with automatic update and a shop interface with a map. OrbX Central really is the gold standard here, they make it really easy to visually browse the world and extend your add-on collection. Contrail is similar with the nice bonus that many 3rd-party developers are on that platform. Interestingly, some Aerosoft first-party airports are there as well but sadly not all of them.
  11. It's a little challenge to find the free airport or it's updates on the website. Couldn't it receive it's own shop site and appear under downloads in customer accounts? That would simplify updating it a lot.
  12. That is good news. Maybe you could tell them a bit of continuous public communication won’t hurt :-)
  13. I am starting to wonder if Honeycomb Aeronautical is actually still in business. They did not communicate publicly after April 13th and don't react to inquiries. No status updates and no news about their other products.
  14. Out of curiosity, was that the last container to be expected until unit production resumes in autumn? You probably can't disclose that but it's worth asking anyway: How many orders for the Bravo are still open? I presume with Amazon and others cancelling orders, the amount reduced significantly. Certain other web stores disclosed numbers for graphics cards to let customers estimate when they can expect to be able to buy again. Either way, thanks for keeping us posted. Let's hope Honeycomb breaks the radio silence themselves soon and provide status updates again (both on the Bravo and the Charlie).
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