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  1. I had it as already mentioned but did not manage to reproduce it..very difficult for the developers to fix....
  2. I had the same yesterday..was strange. Had the set AP to Climb Speed 250 and it just accelerated to 300+. Pitch was very high (above 3) and the plane went up like a rocket although loaded normally Although it well displayed clb 250 and everything was set up correctly it just accelerated and climbed like hell I had to drastically reduce thrust.. Was strange... never experienced this before.. (was only my 3rd flight with Marc
  3. Hi Luka, I had the same, by coincidence I had in this case Radio 2 frequency set up also to a vatsim frequency and I heard both Radio 1 and Radio 2 simultaneously. I changed Radio 2 to an not used frequency and it was OK Marc
  4. Did yesterday again some trials. No possibility from my side to adjust the trim speed by hardware or software. Positive nevertheless the landings I did (all fully manual as ILS still not working) where all OK. it is really with very small clicks possible to get the CRJ somehow trimmed to keep the GS without pulling or pushing like hell on the elevator to adjust, just need to get used to it after SU5. Not optimum but compared to the small airplanes flyable.
  5. Unfortunately not possible by Hardware setup as the button is digital, means activated/not activated. Therefore I guess it is more a software issue (speed of trim adjustment when pushing) It has been shown by simware in the video that with different hardware it shows the same behavior (button pushed / trim change too fast) When you check the link at the forum start you can see a lot of users with different airplanes with the same issue. It is not only a CRJ issue, I just wanted to share my experience with other users and get a confirmation. It was far better before SU5 and trim reacted not so fast when pushing the up/down button It somehow goes but it is far less easier then it was before..you really need to click only ultrashort the trim button for small corrections, but you never get it really nice trimmed. This is not now the end of the world but should be if possible reviewed by Asobo to make the simulation experience again better.
  6. I still hope that Asobo will come with a fix or at least a possibility to adjust sensitivity, it was really better before SU 5 and a lot more people are complaining in the MSFS forum. The trim is an elementary part of flying an aircraft and should work properly (to be fair it works properly but I doubt that on a real CRJ it is reacting so fast) By the way, when you look at youtube videos of real CRJ landings, pilots are really landing the aircraft by trimming it constantly out to the GS and just make small adjustments with the elevator (gusty conditions) Nevertheless thx for your efforts. Marc
  7. It looks the same than yours..seems to be normal now...
  8. Just simulated the same you did and come to the same result and sensivity. I managed also to trim somehow acceptable but only with ultrashort pushs of the trimbutton...Asobo should go back to the old sensivity before SU 5. CRJ was definetely easier to trim before, but maybe that is only subjective..
  9. Hi, thx for this Video, very difficult to evaluate as I don't look the trimwheel when flying the sim. On this video it looks like it's fine. I'll have to reproduce this this evening on the sim myself and see whether it goes faster. Nevertheless the issue is highlighted now also by the MS Forum Community manager and a lot of users seem to have real issues with it. I guess Asobo will come with a fix. Nevertheless I try to reproduce what you showed in the video and see if the trim reacts the same if it is OK to trim the plane. Thx for your help Marc
  10. Hi Simware, I use the Thrustmaster T16000M Hotas system. I assigned a button to jog up and down on the Thrustlever Really the fastest tab is screwing up the trim already completely. The smaller the plane the higher the impact. Marc
  11. Hi, just another comment as I was astonished that it was not highlighted so far here in the forum. Since Update 5 the trim is far to sensitive to adjust with trim buttons to get a stable leveled flight. It's again a purely Asobo issue as also the small Chessna's cannot be properly trimmed anymore as the trim is reaction far too fast. I observed the same on the CRJ and it makes it a lot more difficult to land manually and find a stable approach path (up ...down..up..etc) Again..no fault from Aerosoft just maybe you can vote on MS Forum to get this one also fixed by them asap to make flying the CRJ again easier. thx https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/bug-logged-elevator-trim-doesnt-work-as-pre-su5-and-its-impossible-to-fly/428197 Marc
  12. I Guess you mean the TOD is not visualised? Check maybe if you have no discontinuity in your Flightplan. Check if you put the correct Cruise Altitude in Performance Init. Check your different legs if your height is well in, also the descent profile in the star. If this is all correct, your TOD should be well visualized. Marc
  13. Yesterday I tested it out and it worked finally well. No flare at all at Vref works out. Thrust to zero at 40 feets. After touching down immediately the reversers in. I managed finally to make some clean landings. This was for me totally counterintuitive as I am flying in real life. There the flare is very important to avoid the front wheels to touch first. Also pushing the yoke down for touchdown is not done, in this case the runway is already too short and you should go around. Most important really is to land on the main landing gear to avoid the crash with a broken front wheel. This is not required with the CRJ, just keep it in the GS and get down to the runway without a flare. Don't know whether the CRJ also flies like this in real live, but for the sim that's the way to do it. thx for your help on this one. Marc
  14. Looks like the devil is really in the detail. Thx for these hints. I'll give it a try Same from me, I was flying a huge amount of circuits, but was nevertheless never happy with my landing performance.
  15. Hi, I am flying now at least 50 hours CRJ and have still issues to make a clean landing. I already checked several tutorials and read forums but nevertheless it looks like I do things wrong. I fly normally an ILS approach with autopilot until 600 fts height, flaps full and gear out, at a speed around 140 knots stable. When I switch the AP off the airplane wants to climb slightly. I trim this out and get a more or less stable glide path until 200 feets height where the airplane suddenly pitches up and flys clearly above the GS. Trimming it really heavy down brings it more or less back to the GS. At 30 feets height I put the thrust to idle...but the plane just don't want to land..flaring slightly even brings the plan back to climbing. I really need to push the yoke heavily down to get the plane landing.. It glides and glides and glides..long after the treshhold after 1/3 of the runway already gone i finally get it to the ground. This plane just continous to fly endless in idle. I have a PPL and fly small airplanes in real world..I know about the groundeffect delaying the airplane to get down. Of course a large airliner behaves differently than a small GA airplane, but it's a complete different flying. In real world I get close to the ground put the thrust to zero, and let the plane glide out pulling the yoke to keep the nose slightly up until the plane touchs down on the main gear... What am I doing wrong with the CRJ? Put thrust earlier to idle? Put the reversers earlier in? Am I too fast? How do I get a clean landing on the threshold? What is the correct procedure? Thx Marc
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