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  1. what is the realese date you guys said end of august.
  2. I dont know why but no one is Even caring or want to develop the dash 8- Q100/200 and Q300 ppl only care about the q400 the 300 and 100/200 is my dream plane
  3. Is there gonna be a problem for the airbus tca quadrant for the beta range thing?
  4. Because the tca quadrant works like this if you take it a little bit forward it will Get back in idle pos
  5. Will it be hard to controll the plane with the Airbus tca quadrant because we have to take the throttle a bit forward to make it idle and if i take it a bit forward it wil pop back in to the beta idle pos so if it is like that make it friendly with with the Airbus tca qadrant
  6. Is the propeller like that when you fly? It is many propellers you can see is like that when it is in a vedio?
  7. I have seing this alot on the twin otter extended is that when you start up the propeller just kicks in which is very unrealistic and the reverse thrust sound it is unrealistic but im just saying i have seen this a lot on youtube
  8. How do we choose between the versions of twotter in the sim?
  9. Do we have to calibrate the throttle to fly or csn we just fly after spawn
  10. In memory of the LN-BNK crash please🥺 Please add this livery ^^
  11. Do we have to calibrate the throttle to fly or can just jump right in to the plane and fly?
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