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  1. Hey All, I love the CRJ to bits. But I have a small problem with my crz speed from time to time. Checked the forums here for this issue, but I feel my one is a little different. Did a flight from EDDB to EDDL yesterday and my crz was set to FL370. No problem climbing and all, no problem reaching crz alt when switching to a mild climb of 500 fpm from FL300 on. The normal CRJ behaviour I've learned is that it will continue climbing and accelerating to crz with no problem. After reaching FL370 I couldn't really accelrate though and this is
  2. I figured you would say that after I posted. Yet, you're right. Let's put it this way: I like the Bombardier approach. Best
  3. Hey there, My first post here, still need to add an avatar. :o) Well... I always loved planes and the mechanics behind them. But I actually started the simming with MSFS2020, mainly because of the looks. Yes, I admit it! I'm also a big fan of th A32NX, but flying the bus is a bit of a cinematic experience, which I also enjoy. To answer your question: I think the CRJ is great and easy to fly. Compared with the Airbus it feels like a sports car with my (Honeycomb) yoke. I had a hard time starting her up, but I think the documentation prov
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