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  1. Hi: I changed my cockpit virtual view - by moving left and closer. How do I save this view? Everytime I restart, it shows the default virtual cockpit view. Bhasker
  2. I just downloaded this file. But I get a all black background. I believe I followed the instructions as described - plus I copied the "Texture.AirIndia*" directory to the aircraft directory: "FSX/SimObjects/AirPlanes/Aerosoft AirBus A321 CFM" . Not sure Airbus X "extended" is - I have the standard Aerosoft A321. PLease advise. PS: Not clear on what the previous post was about "texture.cfg from any texture folder to this folder" . which folder? Bhasker
  3. Hi: I am a newbie to this version of aircraft. Quick question: I have trouble holding altitude on autopilot - it keeps cancelling every time I turn using joystick. I would expect the plane to hold altitude even while turning. Is this a bug or a feature? PS: The default FSX CRJ does not show this behavior. Bhasker
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