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  1. Then there's still a small issue remaining on the hold entry then. Check my post 3 posts up for details.
  2. I figured as much, and that's exactly what I did on heading mode. Only question left; should the autopilot deal with that for me, or is the 'go to heading mode for the entry' the correct procedure? I'm fine with either, just curious what the real plane would do in this case. Already really happy with the changes in
  3. Just me being a dumb. I turned off the pitot heat, but forgot the wing. Feel free to close the topic.
  4. That could very well have been it. I still occasionally miss some steps in the flows. So could well be I forgot to turn that off.
  5. Tested this some more with version, and it seems a lot better behaved. If there's a sharp angle entering the hold the CRJ takes a weird route into the hold, but sticking it on heading mode for a bit to get a more reasonable entry angle solves this. Flew the hold just fine after that Context; flying into the ILS Rwy 18 at KMYR (Myrtle Beach Intl.) from the CRE transition, entering the hold at UXDEP. The plane went into a right hand turn, so I think it wanted to do a 270 degree right turn. To be fair, this might be entirely realistic. I don't have
  6. Hi, I occasionally have the issue that after using the reversers after landing, the engines idle at 32% (instead of around 21%) after taking it out of reverse thrust. I can't reproduce this 100% of the time, and I can't make sense of when it does this and when it doesn't. It makes the taxi a lot more tricky, since I have to be on the brakes all the time. additional info: using a single axis throttle quadrant, with no reverse axis (using a button on the throttle for reverse thrust as instructed from the tips I've read on these forums). Wondering if I'm s
  7. I hope MS is on it then. Really looking forward to the patch.
  8. The CRJ currently has some issues with the holds, It's been confirmed, and is on the radar:
  9. For me, when I fly the CRJ, I want to sort of emulate a real flight. I don't want to be bothered by other players sitting on the runway, so I tend to disable multiplayer when flying this bird. Maybe I'm not the only one doing this. Not ready yet to make the dive into Vatsim, will some day soon though.
  10. Was still hoping for others to hear if they were able to complete some correct holds.
  11. Really odd then that for me, the plane was only banking at 15 degrees, widely overshooting the turns. I was doing the circuit at 12000ft. Was expecting the plane to go to 30 degrees to make the turn (or at least stick closer to it). Increasing the leg time increases the turn radius, I didn't try increasing the leg length. Might well be that that leaves the turn radius alone.
  12. Thanks for the info. Any ideas on if the plane should go to 30 degrees bank angle? or is the current half bank behaviour it's showing correct? I noticed that if I increase the leg length (to 1.5 minutes) it increases the turn radius as well. So by that logic, to get it to 10nm it would have to be over 3 minute legs? or can I just edit the leg distance?
  13. Thanks for trying to help. It's appreciated. Can anyone who's done some holds in the CRJ confirm I'm not missing anything obvious?
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