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  1. Thank you for the information. Upon further troubleshooting I decided to backup the profiles I have made and uninstall and reinstall the configtool. What I found was that the default profile does indeed have mappings pre defined, but none of that transfers to "new" profiles even when copy default is selected. Prior to the reinstall I did look closer at a few of the profiles I had downloaded. They do in fact have the correct command for the autopilot NAV button (sim/autopilot/NAV?), but the function/command is not communicating with X-plane. I am using the dataref tool and can see that when I use my mouse to "press" the S-TEC NAV button the "NAV" command is actuating, however when using the button on the bravo throttle there is no response. Any idea when version 2.2 is coming out?
  2. Trying to map these with the configurator. I have read a few other threads that give some information, but the administrator has decided to lock those so that no follow on questions can be asked, so a new thread. The resident S-Tec Autopilot in the Laminar C-172 has multiple modes with repeat presses of the nav button. For example GPSSteering engages with the second button press. Is there a way to program this function into the configurator. Also I cannot seem to use command functions in the variables. Is there an actual written manual that describes the configurator program? Where do you find the internal command list? One video I watched, the guy said that the program is very intuitive. Maybe for a programmer, not for a pilot. I have also seen numerous statements to the effect that the autopilot LEDs as well as other functions are already programmed into the default profile. I haven't seen that either. nothing was in the default profile.
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