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  1. Wonderful response...... Yes. I have parked mine in the hanger and there it will sit, it's a shame. I'm starting to regret things. This single aircraft cost me almost as much as the sim itself. It would be nice if they actually fixed currently released aircraft before trying to release another aircraft or maybe even a pop into the forums letting us know that they are working on it. Communication is rather lacking
  2. I am experiencing the same issues. When I engage autopilot, the plane wants to fly to my next waypoint in an "S" path. Screenshot below. KCLT/36C-WEAZL4-CLAWD-HVQ-ILS RWY 05-KCRW Live Weather. I attempted this flight twice with the CRJ-700 and had the same results. I switched to the A320 (with Live Weather again) and had no autopilot problems at all. So the idea that it is a Microsoft problem doesn't seem accurate. Other than autopilot issues and remembering not to hit "ESC" key, I am enjoying the CRJ. I do hope this gets resolved.
  3. Yes, I have this same problem. The autopilot wants to fly "S" turns all the way to my next waypoint. I can't believe that you have not gotten a response from this yet. I also get an unrealistic zoomed in view every time I use the hat stick button to look left.
  4. Is there a CFG file somewhere that controls certain views and corresponding zoom levels, whether it's Aerosoft or MS?
  5. That is odd. I will keep checking. Though it does not happen with any other aircraft. Still enjoying the CRJ immensely!
  6. I just checked with other aircraft and it does not happen. I also checked the assignments on my joystick and there are no other assignments to the hat stick.
  7. When I use my hat switch on my joystick to look left or right inside the cockpit, the views zoom in. Is there a way to adjust the level of zoom or to just not have it zoom? Thanks for the awesome work!
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