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  1. Mathijs thank you for your hard work and keeping us in the loop. Thanks to everybody you work with as well. 🙂
  2. They are working on an update 1.0.6. We just gotta be patient. I've been so excited to see how the sim performs now in the CRJ but gotta wait for that update.
  3. That is weird. I know you and the team are working on it. 🙂
  4. I just got the latest update and for me the autopilot works flawlessly now! Thank you so much for your work Aerosoft this airplane is so much fun to fly with.
  5. Update for me....I haven't touched the plane and just did a quick flight at KIAD and everything worked perfect so I don't know what changed lol.
  6. Ok great, yeah I’m not sure why I’m having issues. I’ve tried restarting my computer as well.
  7. I am not having good luck after the update with the new autopilot. Engaging climb mode the autopilot does not attempt to pitch to maintain the selected or current speed. It flies by the selected altitude and keeps climbing. Then on an ILS it does seem to capture the LOC and automatically switches from FMS to LOC mode while the needles and everything turn green after both the LOC and GS are captured. The autopilot doesn't attempt to follow the GS even though its showing captured on the PFD along with the LOC. I've tried coming in below and above to capture the GS and no luck. I've also tried deleting and redownloading the CRJ in the marketplace then after reinstalling and using the CRJ I've tried to reset the airplane by deleting all the "m" files and still not having any luck with the autopilot.
  8. same for me along with the GS is showing green and captured the plane wont descend and actually started climbing while in APP mode at KPHX while being way higher than the glideslope. I'm going to try to delete and reinstall along with deleting the "m" files to start fresh and reset everything to see if that helps.
  9. Oh ok, I'll refrain from using time acceleration. The airplane really is gorgeous and just so much fun to learn and fly, so thank you.
  10. My flight was going great and everything was going well until I went to 4x time acceleration right before my TOD. After I did that I could not get the autopilot to follow IAS decent or VNav or VS decent. It would only level out and thats all it would do. I tried engaging and disengaging the different modes along with disengaging the autopilot multiple times and the autopilot was just done for after that time acceleration.
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