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  1. "We want the update"! "We want the update"! "We want the update"!
  2. Not sure what's going on with this plane. I know the ILs doesn't work, but flying RNAV approaches is hit and miss, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I will be level and stable at the correct altitude, I increase the set altitude to something like 2000-3000 ft above my current alt, when I reach the descent point and go into V/S mode and select minus descent, sometimes it works perfectly and descends at the rate I have manually set, other times it just doesn't descend. At least it forces you to practice manual landings, but would be nice if it just worked and 'I' could choose when to do a manual landing
  3. Had the same issue on a recent flight with the autopilot chasing the needle, which was coincidentally, pretty much North (LKKV - ESMX) with a strong crosswind of 50+ knots. To all intents and purposes the auto pilot was simply over compensating for the wind, and turning too much into the wind too sharply, it would then turn back on track, realise there was a strong crosswind and repeat the sharp turn to try and compensate for the wind. I gave up on it after a few failed attempts and flew in manual heading mode. If I got the manual heading mode slightly out, where there was still slight drift, and re-engaged the AP, the AP would start its wild over compensating moves. if I got the heading dead right manually and re-engaged the autopilot it flew on without a problem, until the next turn when the pattern would start again. Once I had descended to a lower altitude where the wind was not as strong the autopilot behaved normally
  4. One thing that could help a bit and might be contributing to the diving left or rigtht.....go to the Flight control screen and pull back on the stick, check you don't see the white spoilers 'slightly' deploying.....if you do increase the dead zone on the X - Axis of your joystick. I would get the dive to the left or right when taking off, but since setting the dead zone so that I see no spoiler deployment when i pull back on the stick, seems to have improved things a bit.
  5. Having exactly the same problem that has only just started after latest MS update. Pressing Esc and restarting creates its own problems, one of which being the COG gets screwed, so this isn't really a fix
  6. I don't bother with any of that nonsense...I just want to get in and FLY!!!!....I sum this process up as Active Super Simflyer (ASS)
  7. Solved..... It was the Workingtitle CJ4 mod that was causing the problem, I removed it and the APU started without a problem; I then downloaded the latest version and put it back in the Community folder and APU still works in the CRJ. The Mod must have got corrupted somehow. In fact an odd thing did happen very recently, just out of the blue, the start engine buttons in the CJ4 mod started to play up, they wouldn't start the engines unless I clicked them very quickly about 10 times, so that must have also somehow affected the APU start button in the CRJ.
  8. Yes, but it doesn't do the BIT test and the APU door doesn't open when I press the PWR FUEL, it worked fine a couple of days ago, but today it doesn't, so can only assume it has something to do with the latest update
  9. Since the latest MSFS update I am unable to start the APU, nothing happens when I press PWR/FUEL. If I select ready for startup on the EFB, the APU starts but the APU display shows 0 RPM and 0 EGT. It shows the APU door as open but the external view shows it as closed. I have tried reinstalling the CRJ, which didn't fix the problem.
  10. ah yep sorry forgot to answer that part of the question ....to stow it go to the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) and under maintenance there is stow ADG option
  11. Its the ADG (Air Driven Generator) which is used to provide electrical power if the Engine and APU fail. You must have pulled the ADG switch at the bottom of the lower pedestal
  12. OK.. thanks, is there a way though that I can add something to the file to make it 'randomly' choose say, two, out of the list to randomize?
  13. I was wanting exactly this to make the checks actually worthwhile. Is it possible to include an option to limit the number of random change though ...ie make it more realistic, where just one or two random switches are in the wrong place, rather than some kids having run riot on the flight deck :)
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