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  1. Actually, it happens with every aircraft (Throttle's will jump to max power, not shut off) and this is certainly not an Aerosoft Issue...
  2. Potter0033

    No Strobes?

    Very minute issue I found after the update is that the strobes no longer.... well, strobe. At first I thought it was to bright out so I changed the time of day to night, and noticed that the strobes were not on. I checked the strobe switch as anyone would do and it was at the ON position along with all other exterior lights and still had no strobe.
  3. CWARD2 departure, direct SLI. When I entered ARR data for the ILS 24L into LAX, Sim Froze and could still hear audio.
  4. Hey there Aerosoft Team. Last night, I experienced this issue for the first time. I was entering a flight plan from KSAN to KLAX in the CRJ 700. While entering the arrival page for KLAX, my plane locked up and I could not do anything. EFB stopped working and all switches were inop (Tried to change brightness on displays, turn on logo lights, ect, nothing worked). I then exited game and restarted at KSAN again, this time in the CRJ 550. While entering arrival data again for KLAX, my sim locked up, however this time i couldn't even free look in the cockpit and had to CTL+ALT+Delete to task manager to close game.
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