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  1. Can confirm that this is still an issue. I had a flight plan from Brisbane (YBBN) to Townsville (YBTL) following the BIXAD1 - 19L departure. When it came to adding the arrival SPAR1A, the CRJ did not respond to any control manipulations. After resetting the flight I manually added waypoints and then encountered the NOT FOUND issue described previously when i added the GLA VOR. Also adding in other waypoints after that seemed to erase large chunks of the loaded departure. Here are full details: msfs v crj: 700 with QANTASLINK VH-YQV v1.2 livery by davidcherrie route: YBBN BIXAD1-19L GUDSO TAPET LOAFA GLA MURPH LINSU JEMMA TL SPAR1A-ILS01Z addons: none
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