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  1. Hi, I had information from my colleague: Yes, if you move the thrust lever with the mouse, they are well in the zero position. Here a screenshot of the motors DU: Thanks for help. Gerard.
  2. Hi all, I write this post in behalf of a friend not fluent with English. He got trouble with A330 and P3D-V5 (new versions, bought 2 weeks ago) It is impossible to set up the throttle to zero. Engine is always running @ 1.014, the small dot representing position cannot go below this value. Going up is OK, but down stops @ 1.014, so plane is always running on the taxiway We tried to remove throttle (Saitek X52) and use directly PC key board, but no success. Is there any mean to "trim" the zero of throttle, P3D setting are apparently not the solution...? Thanks for your help. Gerard.
  3. OK, thanks for info. We still have a way to validate, so will do with it!!
  4. Hi all, I'm discovering PFPX, and associated with TOPCAT it is a very nice tool. The link to "validate the route" is not working, and this is probably because Euro Control has modified the accees to their site. I get an answer from W3 group (this is the site where you can validate your HTML/CSS code) with errors. So to validate, I go to "NOP Network Operation Portail", then, to "Free text Editor" and then copy/paste my route, and the validations works well. Is there a possibility to access to the link under "validate", to edit it, and go directly to this "free route editor" ?? Thanks for help. Gerard.
  5. Hi there, My Airbus pack (318...321) does not work anymore. Every add-on works but Airbus. When I start P3D, I can choose a plane, but when I wish to start the sim, the plane window becomes blank. "the loading scene window" is not on the wide, black P3D screen anymore, and when the progress bar is finished, the sim is closed immediately. Some history: everything was working OK I installed Carenado C172, working OK I installed PMDG B737, working OK. As far as I can remember, I did not try the Airbus immediately after installing B737 I made update, via Aerosoft updater My configuration: W10, up to date P3DV4 Aerosoft Thanks for help. Gerard
  6. But the option is there!! Thanks anyway.
  7. P3V V4.5 [Installer] ProductCode=2101 ProductName=Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Version= ProductPage=http://www.aerosoft.com ManualName= ReadmeName=Readme.txt Thanks for help
  8. Hi all, So I changed forum page as requested by moderator! In the "option MCDU" of my Airbus, the is a key "flight data recording" (or something equivalent). I activated this LSK, but was unable to find the the file could be... Could you help, and tell what is recorded, and where to find it after flight? Thanks for advice. Gerard.
  9. Hi all, In the "option MCDU" of my Airbus, the is a key "flight data recording" (or something equivalent). I activated this LSK, but was unable to find the the file could be... Thanks for advice. Gerard.
  10. Wonderful, it worked. Thanks a lot. Gerard
  11. Hi all, I'm flying Aerosoft Airbus with P3D V4 and W10. I like to have the MCDU "undocked" so that it is always in front. But when you are flying at night, the MCDU is not lighted, although all lights are on in the cockpit. The one on the pedestal is OK, but the detached one is not. Screen is OK, but it is very difficult to read the buttons. How could I improve this? Thanks. Gerard.
  12. Hi there, Is connect Pro "bidirectional". I understood from the A319/320 manual that you may command the MCDU from your tablet. I read OK on my tablet, but I'm unable to enter something. Is there something to configure?? I'm under W10, P4D V4, Samsung A7 tablet. Thanks for help. Gerard.
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