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  1. What I've done is physically cleared the community folder. I have deinstalled the throttle quadrant and started FS2020. Still nothing. None of the axes are moving from within FS2020. So have decided to bite the bullet and reinstall all 171GB of FS2020....
  2. I received my Bravo Throttle quadrant. Installed the software for the AFC Bridge. Started Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 which then updated itself to World Update 4. Now the Throttle is showing in FS2020 but none of the Axes are working. I can calibrate them using the microsoft controller test routine hence they are physically working... Now I see that there is an issue with the World Update 4 that anything in the Community folder needs to be removed - however the AFC bridge was installed. Looking at the contents manager, the AFC bridge and Frisian Islands which I bought directly from you are showing as "not installed". What now?
  3. I did. I also tried calling the company direct. +49 2955 760310 - option 1. I get to listen to some music and then after about 90 seconds the call is ended with "der gewünschter Teilnehmer antwortet nicht". I am more than a little concerned that you have had my money for months, claims that the goods would be sent on Friday have been seen to be false; emails are not answered, calls are being rejected. Does Aerosoft have some sort of liquidity problem? Edit: After 5 calls I finally reached someone who told me that "DHL was unable to ship all the goods and that it might be possible that they will be sent today or tomorrow"....
  4. I wrote to your colleagues and received feedback that my order - placed back in August 2020 - would definitely be shipped "at the latest" by yesterday. If I look at DHL shipment tracking, which I received back on Wednesday, it is still showing "shipment notified". Could you advise what is going on? Why hasn't the package been shipped, even though Marius said it would leave yesterday ? For my part, I even offered to come to Büren to pick ut up, I could have crawled there since receiving notification on Wednesday that the package was supposed to be shipped....
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