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  1. nice, Ill add it to my fleet, as soon as my CRJ 1000 gets rolled out of the hangar
  2. For the CRJ9 I modified the CRJ7 profile and used the weights from the EFB https://www.simbrief.com/system/dispatch.php?sharefleet=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--
  3. Works for me. 2 hours ago I did only see the upgrade for the CRJ 700, after upgrading and flying a bit I checked the markeplace again and the CRJ 1000 upgrade package is now available... downloading right now
  4. is it possible the cause for that is perhaps Navigraph? Did you remove the AIRAC DB before installing? had to reinstall the CRJ most likely because I forgot to remove the DB beforehand. Not a big problem however...
  5. Hi, I believe I had the same issue last night on my flight from SPJC to SEQM. I set my landing elevation to 7900ft. During approach and around the 1000 callout the diff press ECAS message appeared. I had to do a go around due to bad weather. On my missed approach to holding my cabin pressure showed something around 14000 but the cabin temperature was normal at 23C and packs were green in ECS. I cycled the Pressure Cont button to man and back but it didnt seem to resolve the issue. I decided to try a second landing attempt as my fuel was low. Unfortunately the AP jumped ahead of a few waypoints which seemed to be too close together and I missed my GS so I ran out of fuel on my third attempt ... 70 sim pax lives plus 1 crew were lost Pilot escaped unharmed 🪂
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