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  1. Thanks The problem was that the flight model was not modern. It works now perfect thank you all guys
  2. I use the T1600M and I use the joystick but in adition to that I always has to Trim the plane until the Plane goes up. Im right now not home but I will look if my flight model is to modern.
  3. I need too much trim until it raises the nose
  4. I have to set the trim to 11 or 12 until it raises the nose. But after Takeoff I could put the Trim to 3 and the plane still doesnt go into a complete dive.
  5. Thank Chrissel this is now working, but I still cant takeoff. I dont now what, but the plane won't want to go up.
  6. Yeah Chrissel but they also didnt had a solution for youre problem. I think we two have the same problem. Could you fix it now?
  7. Im completly new on this forum, can you tell me where I can find these Topics?
  8. I have a problem with my CRJ. The Perfomence page in my CRJ isn't doing what I want. When I remove all my Passenger and Cargo from the Plane, The ZFW is still at 24175KG and not at the minimum ZFW. Or different szenario, when I change it to put a ZFW into it and I put for example. 21760KG in it and copy it to FMS, the FMS shows a ZFW from 29064. I've just tried to take off with the Takeoff Trim from 7.4 from the EFB, but the plane doesnt take off. Furthermore when I'm on Cruise (FL300), the Plane is still climbing even tho the Trim is at 0.0
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