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  1. Final confirmation. Disabling OnAir's auto save feature has stopped my CRJ freezing. 🙂
  2. @SinusJayCee you may have nailed it. Just did a very quick turning off auto save within OnAir and the CRJ did not freeze as soon as I engaged tracking. Will try a proper test tomorrow, but thank you so much! Martyn Brinton
  3. aah. I actually DO have FSUIPC free version for Pilot2ATC, but it's very minimal and has no auto save feature in this version. But the auto save in onAir is a good plan 🙂
  4. I don't use FSUIPC (internally OnAir may), but it is not running on my system. However, I do have OnAir set to auto save in the settings - worth a try to disable that though. Martyn Brinton
  5. Deleted my community folder. As a simple test, I don't start anything in the CRJ. I just use my hat-switch to pan around the cockpit. Whilst doing this I start OnAir and go to the tracking page. Still panning around, no issues. As soon as I click start tracking, the aircraft fuel and weight is loaded, the time is set and then a 5 second freeze to my panning. Then it's released and I continue panning. Appx 20seconds later another 5 second freeze. I do the exact same scenario in any other aircraft, all works as expected. weird, but ho-hum one of those IT things - I was in IT for over 30 years, I've experienced a wealth of weird stuff with software. I don't doubt it's my environment; this thread was really to get some possible ideas, but for me, OnAir and CRJ is just not a pairing I can use. Please this is no criticism of either of the software. OnAir is my goto flight companion. I'm doing a round the world trip landing at every country capital (that has an airfield) and with onAir I've had some amazing diversions to places I would not have visited. I love it! Martyn Brinton
  6. completely emptying my Community folder is my next task. But it is an irrefutable fact that at my pc, in my home, with my setup, as soon as I click the tracking button within OnAir, CRJ freezes instantly for 5 seconds and then every 24 seconds. I only get this with my OnAir and CRJ (and community add-ons) . Not with any other aircraft. let me say for me it's just one of those things and does not stop me loving the CRJ for my favourite flights from the UK into Switzerland. neither does it stop me using OnAir which is my main add-on for my round the world trip. Love OnAir and will not stop using it. Martyn Brinton
  7. Finally got back to trying this. It's def when I have OnAir running. CRJ is smooth as when I load up and just fly. As soon as I run OnAir and click start tracking I get an immediate freeze, followed by the freeze around 24seconds. No issues with onAir with any other aircraft, so just going to have to rent the A32NX haha Martyn Brinton
  8. no. I use SPAD.next but that doesn't have an auto save feature. I've turned off multiplayer and not sure that hasn't solved it. trying to find a pattern but taking some time. thanks for suggestion!
  9. Hi! I can no longer fly the CRJ in MSFS because of a freeze that happens every 24seconds and lasts around 4 secs. It's really weird! I only have this issue with this aircraft. If I swap to another, same location, etc, all is fine. Using stock livery and happens with both the 550 and 700 Anyone else experience this and possible solutions? Tried with a clean Community folder and still the same. Happens in any flight phase from starting-up from cold n dark to cruise, etc. I've deleted and re-installed the aircraft. Thanks! Martyn Brinton
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