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  1. What saddens me the most about this whole thing is that during the beta phase of MSFS Update 5, I reported all these issues with the CRJ. I have been flying with a problematic CRJ for 2 months. I even took the time to say that update 5 should be postponed at least for the windows version. What is even more sad is that I got no answers from them. I really wonder why I asked to be beta tester of this update if my opinion is useless. I just broke my NDA as a Beta Tester with Asobo, but I don't care.
  2. The auto CDI works for Nav 1 but not for Nav 2, I did the test yesterday. I think that when Nav 1 and Nav 2 are blue (In Preselect mode), both CDI should be set correctly by the auto tune feature and not only when the LOC and/or GS are captured. This is only my humble opinion, not a fact. You did an amazing job with this plane. Thanks guys !
  3. I will try again with nav radios set to auto
  4. Having already programmed a ProLine 21 myself, it seems to me that in my reading of the documentation, the two CDIs (runways course) must be set automatically at the same time as the frequency of LOC1 and LOC2.
  5. No sandbox, no FPS counting, Crabby I have this problem in VR mode with my HP Reverb G2
  6. In VR (I haven't tried in 2d), the FPS drops when the EXEC key waits for confirmation. When the EXEC button is pressed, the FPS returns to normal.
  7. The rounded display for EFIS is difficult to read in VR. Can you anticipate adding an option for a flat display. Mod Edit: I changed your font size to the standard 14 pt as your original was huge on a computer screen.
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