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  1. I have been been flying this great aircraft since it was released…and have only found the above issue that spoils every ILS landing. Just go to minute 32 on the below video to see an example of this bug. I am asking the developers to add this to the next update. thank you
  2. Here is a photo showing the bug. I can not turn the switch in the direction of the arrow.
  3. Well, in the image I had not turned the switch to EICAS because I did not want to go through the restart process again.
  4. You misunderstand. A yellow Yaw Damper Sign always show when I set up my flight plans and that has to be cleared by pressing the two yaw damper buttons before I can take off.
  5. Why doe the Yaw Damper always show and require that I click off the two buttons before I can take off. Is it a bug or a normal feature?
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