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  1. Seems pretty standard with UPS, my deliveries always take weeks and weeks with them. Just got to sit it out unfortunately
  2. Great, thank you! Keep up the good work
  3. Hello, I was just wondering if the Honeycomb delays are also affecting the Airbus throttle packs? As they don't require the silicon the others parts do I'm hoping not I know they are available in the US at the moment, so just considering whether it's worth the hassle of shipping it from there if it will be late summer/autumn before Europe get some stock. Many thanks, Theinvoker
  4. Yeah, it's quite annoying, but at this point its pretty much down to UPS not Aerosoft I think. Just ordered the Airbus throttle add-on for it which I'm hoping means no VAT and paperwork fee as its under £135 but I'm not 100% sure on the rules. On the bright side, when I compared the price to UK suppliers, even when you add on the VAT, import taxes, and handling fees, it still worked out cheaper or the same price at worst for the alpha, bravo, and the Airbus throttles. Plus direct from Aerosoft so quicker too it seems!
  5. This is pretty standard. It's basically a charge for processing your import fees and taxes which takes time and paperwork, so nothing Aerosoft can do. As far as I'm aware it applies per delivery, so waiting wont do any good as it will be 2 sets of paperwork and 2 charges. They will also only hold the item for a certain period, and holding it by request (if that's even a thing) I'm sure would also incur some sort of storage fee. Welcome to the wonderful world of Brexit 😕
  6. Only the staff can answer that with any certainty but, from the comments, if you ordered after January I think that is likely.
  7. Same for me, both sent, which make sense as we both ordered on day one. I assume more Alphas than Bravos were delivered, so if anyone who ordered later may only get part shipment
  8. Shipping confirmed, can't wait!!! (Alpha and Bravo, ordered 1st day of pre-order reopening, 04/01, for reference)
  9. 2-5th were public holidays in Germany, so I suspect updates will come in the next day or 2 :)
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