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  1. I got it to work, somehow. Was fiddling around, installed CRJ again. Did not help. While in the acft I was reassigning the engine axis of the warthog, tried this time the 2nd slot to assign. Maybe it helped to use the 2nd slot, maybe only reassigning whilst beeing in the aircraft. Who knows.... At least it is OK now, for the moment at least. I was able to calibrate in the EFB, and engines behave now as expected. No more N1 misbehaviour.
  2. Hi, i followed the tutorial already. All is set as written there.
  3. Hello, I have also problems using my warthog throttle only with the CRJ. Throttle Axis linear, working normally in standard airplanes. In CRJ I get also the ups and downs of N1 and it is very glimpsy to use. I can use fully area of the throttle, from full until reverse thrust. In EFB the calibration window does not even recognize movements. The digits stay the same.
  4. I have also this strange issue using my warthog thorttle. In msfs all is working as it should, but in the aircraft I can`t even calibrate the axis... the numbers do not change, as it is not recognized.
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