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  1. I renamed my community folder before updating the CRJ is working perfectly
  2. Please dont Dummy down your aircraft for the xbox crowd and people who are not really sim enthusiasts or too lazy to read a manual https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/aircraft-developers-simworks-milviz-aerosoft-being-criticized-for-realistic-flight-simulation/387104
  3. Had that happen lastnight , first time since i purchased the aircraft, according to the manual the cabin and pressure is suppose to be automatic so im not sure what caused it , i might add it did go away after about 20min at level flight i was at FL380
  4. What’s your installation path? Do a search in your msfs directory and see if it finds the CRJ
  5. Thx Herman i have all their PMDG cdu’ wasnt aware they had a crj i’ll be getting it thx for the tip
  6. Pleased with the FPS gain my GPU thanks you Aerosoft
  7. Watching a youtube vid lastnight and the pilot said after each turn to push in the heading button , havent tried it yet
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