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  1. Any idea to get a DC-8 for MSFS2020 so that we t least can have 1 old aircraft in MSFS2020????? I am afraid that all old aircraft will disappear. I can pay a lot for having that Regards
  2. sk945


    Can not load loadplanner in P3D v5, although copied the xml in the forum topics for FSX by Michael2. Any ideas Regards Bjorn
  3. Just to confirm after update on Aerosoft my account the version 3.01 is released as a full installer. Works flawless, even the FE has gone back to work. Very stabil on FL340. I never fly higher with old aircraft. I remeber the captains on DC-50/53 in Swedish SCANAIR (SAS former charter airline) and STERLINGS captains when they got the B727-200 advanced in 1974, they did not fly higher thab FL340 either. The Civ-A INS also seems to work better now. Thanks a lot for the super uppgrade. If there a plans for P3DV5 so make it paywere, just to let the goog old aircraft survive. I do not think that P3D will go out upon release of MS FLIGHT 2020. If we look att history, seems like the FSX ( and FS9) still is alive, although X-Plane and P3D went into market. With Best Regards, and thanks to Michael for ggod support Bjorn
  4. Good news Michael, looks that the workers at the hangar have to wait another time for DC8. Try to keep it alive and make it as a payware, everything cost today and also begin to be very expensive. Thanks a lot Best Regards Bjorn
  5. It is a sad story. I am a simmer since 1997, Those were the days, but the sim has gone trough a fast evelopment thrue the yaers. Sadly to say that all historical aircrafts seems to die out even in the simworld. I have worked as a airport traficassistant and dispathcer since 1974 and seen and worked with most of variants of DC,MD,Boeing and later on Airbus. I was glad when Captainsim create the B707 and B727, but they seems to got lost in the hangar. My favorite Dreamfleet 727, DC9,DC8 and now MD80. The only that have survive up to now is the DC8 and MD80. Now it seems that the DC8 is going up to the hangar too. Too sad. By the way, what about the automatic FE for the DC8???. Has he got permitted from his job???? With Very Best Regards Bjorn
  6. Thanks for your support jon b, but I have tried that with no success. I think I have to change back to my old video card (Nvidia 9600GT) and try that. For the moment I have Radeon 5770. Best Regards Bjorn
  7. Okej, nothing else to do but change and exprim. with the card drivers, when I have done a puch back to the maintaince hangar. To bad for a nice Airbus... With Best Regards Bjorn
  8. I have now beeen tricking around with testing and reinstallation and config my video card in different ways, but with no succes at all. Same problem whatever I do. I think I have to remote this aircraft and put it in a hangar. Any who have another ideas ????? Best Regards Bjorn
  9. Att Jon B: Yes I have it turned on. I have done a very much testing, actually the whole yesterday night (Central Europe Time). But it seems that I have to go trhrough all settings and testings again. Can not see anything at all of the fonts on the CDU, only small strong lights looks like small lamps. Att Paul: Good news, I will be waiting, and waiting......to the end. With Best Regards Bjorn
  10. Ok, I will do that in acouple of hours as I am at work right now. Is there any knob that I can move the brightness higher or lower in the CDU ???? By the way, what abour your project for B727 for FSX, I really miss that flying bird in FSX. Your B727 fs2004 was one of the very, very best and I love that and I mean that. CS B727 is a framerate killer !!. With best regards Bjorn
  11. I have a problem with my CDU. The fonts are unreadible and is quite blurried. Have I missed something or done something wrong. Sorry bur I am new to fly the VC, I have always flied with 2D panel. I thing this aircraft was a good start to begin with. My specs: Windows 7 64bit. Radeon 5770. Please help me with this RGDS
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