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  1. For me it doesn't do the crazy dive on GS intercept, but does it slowly so you have to disconnect about 1000 ft. Before the update, using VS 3 or 4 hundred feet a minute to intercept the glideslope I could stay on glideslope in APPR mode with autopilot on as low as I wanted.
  2. For the CRJ 700 in this sim, lets say level at 3000 ft, 140 kts, full flaps is 70% n1. It will fly a flat pitch angle, maybe the wing is far back and a high thrust line. to avoid the glideslope dive, you have to lower the altitude to say 2000 ft and put in in VS, then before the glideslope intercept, you go gear down, VS down 3 or 4 hundred ft per minute (slow clicks) and 60% n1, about 135 kts with APPR armed to intercept. All on autopilot.
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