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  1. I've tried three times. Not sure what the issue is. Will try reinstalling the mod.
  2. Was trying to fly the following route: KDFW/18L F370 ZACHH3 BSKAT DCT LIT J131 PXV DCT CVG DCT AIR DCT PSB J49 HNK DCT FILPS DCT KSWF/34 Everything is fine up until the J131 PXV leg. After I input that jetway leg the FMC goes nuts. I input CVG and it doesn't appear on the screen. But if I click EXEC and go back to LEGS it shows up as a LEG. Going back to F-PLN it still doesn't appear and I can't reliably enter further waypoints. Any ideas?
  3. I am having this same issue and it is driving me nuts. It makes landing a real pain in the rear.
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