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  1. Hi Hans and Secondator, I'm also having some problems that some flightplans can't be imported into CRJ's FMS. Attached is the flightplan generated from Simbrief. CRJ itself shows it's using AIRAC 2103. Simbrief is also using AIRAC 2103 Not sure what is wrong as it's showing LOAD ERROR. I've put the flightplan in the correct place, and the FMS does show the file there. Just that when I want to load it, it errors. VTSPVTBD01.flp
  2. Alright, @Secondator, I've tried with KSWF added as origin, it doesn't freeze. Not reproducible at the same scenario if origin was filled with KSWF.
  3. no, origin was not selected. let me try with an origin selected. Give me one moment to try again now.
  4. Alright, I've reproduced the issue at least the one that i'm seeing on a fully reinstalled CRJ from Marketplace, 30 minutes ago. Notes: I've enabled CTD registry enabled from Han's post. But since there's no CTD on two of them.... so nothing is generated. The 3rd time, the sim hangs(haven't crashed fully, yet... but nothing is generated as well... hmmm) seems to be able to get pretty reliably from me spawning Gate 1 KSWF, entering KJFK, and simply selecting approaches. Could it be that the fms is calculating something causes it to loop indefinitely? wondering does it have to do with my position at KSWF and KJKJ's approaches, coupled with no origin. Steps to reproduce: 1. Spawn on KSWF GATE 1 2. Startup using the Aircraft states button to before taxi(manual startup also can, but this is faster) 3. Once started up, confirm display working(throtle up down) 4. Go to FMS post init, init location gnss coordinates(copy from second page) 5. Go to flightplan page, enter KJFK as destination. 6. Go to arrivals, choose RNAV22 (if i choose other rnav like 13 or 31, seems to be fine?) 7. Displays and buttons and everything stops working(but plane still responds somehow) (ISSUE) Alternative steps: do steps 1 - 5 6. Then initiate a pushback 7. Wait for some pushback time(maybe 5s? 10s?) 8. Go to arrivals, choose RNAV31 (now rnav 31 or 13 gives the issues... hmmm) 9. Displays and buttons and everything stops working(but plane still responds somehow) (ISSUE) Alternative steps: do steps 1 - 5 6. Go to arrivals, choose ILS31 7. Displays and buttons and everything stops working 8. Sim also hangs, not responding. Didn't crash to desktop. It's just stuck there for 10 minutes now.... No dump file produced even though CTD registry has been enabled using Han's registry file.
  5. Hi Mathijs and Hans, I had an update from MSFS Marketplace just 30 minutes ago. I had a freeze on the ground, selecting KJFK as destination, then going to arrivals, and selecting RNAV13Z approach I am going to uninstall the whole plane, and reinstall, and report back to see if it still happens. If it still happens, i'll be glad to help debug in these few hours. Just tell me what to take or what files to send. Hang on.
  6. My opinion holds no water, only reason to consider it is because i bought the CRJ. I have no qualms with Aerosoft's "Day to Day Flight Fidelity", as I'm not paying PMDG level of money(i'm broke). Today was the first time i took the bird up to FL200, and boi was i surprised to hear a sound akin to a door leaking somewhere and the wind gushing in. My apologies if I'm wrong and it should sound like that, but I feel it's... kinda weird to have an external wind noise sounding in the cockpit. It just took me by surprise.
  7. To be helpful, I'm also submitting my scenario that 100% reproduces the all instruments and fmc hang condition: Scenario: Power up FMC booted Everything else booted(not sure this is needed or not) Go to FMC, insert Destination airport in flightplan. (I didnt enter an Origin airport) Go to arrivals Simply choose any approach. Everything freezes, plane still flies.
  8. Yes, ran as admin. My IRS now seems to be saved. But my Flightdeck noises settings still defaults to off everytime.
  9. I too am seeing the same behavior. MSFS steam PC. IRS and sounds option not saved between loads.
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