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  1. As far as I Can tell It is Axis and Ohs and spad.next Just getting them won't automatically solve your issue there. It is a series of coding you need to do yourself or finding a profile that will work with your hardware. Your best bet is visiting forums / discord for both and ask community...tell them the hardware you use and who knows maybe someone will have a profile ready for you if not you will have to learn yourself. hey have some power users there that are awesome guys very passionate about whole thing and they will probably help you. Great news ! Thanks
  2. We all are awaiting update. Some more experienced users have 3rd party software that can solve that issue it’s payware but relatively inexpensive and supper useful. If you have time to learn additional software go for it. I’m lacking time so I’m hoping for update from Aerosoft to come... there is no updates on progress here so you have to check manually. It is a great bird but still needs many fixes.
  3. I'm happy to see these screenshots but I would rather have functional CRJ7 before this releases
  4. Aircraft has many bugs most of which have unknown fix date for. I would suggest spending more time reading FAQ you can find out how to fly it in a ‘SAFE MODE’ . It’s very manual aircraft and additional measures are needed to successfully fly it. Unfortunately devs don’t provide any progress updates so you need to check this forum everyday.
  5. I can confirm there are still random freezes happening when you select approach. Most of people who enter their complete flight plan from the start won’t see any issues, but for rest of us who fly on Vatsim or use live weather and are likely to change approach the issues remains it doesn’t happen on a flight to flight bases but when it happened it’s very frustrating especially on Vatsim or OnAir
  6. KSAF ILS 02 HEGMI ON selecting the fallowing approach in FMS It will always hard lock my sim doesn't mater if airborne or on the ground What I noticed It only does that for DME transitions. an you please confirm if its the bug or explain what that happens ?
  7. @JRBarrett thanks for explaining that. Are you able to give us some more insight on what’s the latest patch will bring to the table ? When can we expect it ... speaking for myself but this isn't a freeware product ... and some updates on what your team is doing would go a long way for a community.
  8. Once they take care of that power management and throttle control we should be in the green. Other than that everyone needs to find its own technique that works for now what I like to do I level at GS capture altitude and work on my speed... once GS is captured I deploy full flaps I use GS until I see 3 red papi lights then I disconnect AP and hand fly it until I land I would like to know a correct order of deploying flaps
  9. I’m so glad this is being resolved and the fix is in the the works. It drove me crazy ... especially on finals since 85% of captured GS Is miscalculated and you need to land it manually and at FL280 and under when I had to manually control N1 not to get overspeed penalty from OnAir. That also must be why OnAir was registering overspeed warning way before indicated red tape in the cockpit.
  10. It didn’t crashed for me yet . But I observed a wired behavior when when you pres set payload to sim and click twice like, there are multiple trim values with same data definitely bugged system
  11. Same issue everything seams to be frozen and It occurred on arrival preparations, it never recovered. Route KBFB TO KORF navigraph 2103 rev1 MY ARRIVAL AND TRANSITION where overlapping with suggested by sim brief waypoint ORF after I deleted the waypoint in legs page the whole thing froze up. I never set arrival runway to begin with since I fly in live weather. I don’t use mention above key binding software
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