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  1. Hello - I have installed MSFS into a different directory than its default, placing it on my E drive. As a result, your Aerosoft Updater fails to locate the installation. Is there a way to modify the search path in your updater? Thanks, Jim
  2. Hi - just a heads up - the link at the top of this page for new versions of your A330/A318-321 is invalid.... Is this link live? I'm waiting for P3Dv5 installers..... Thanks, Jim
  3. Hi Mathijs - I just did a flight in the A318, EDDF-EGLC w/Steep Approach....everything worked perfectly, but the hesitation on scenery loading caused the issue once during cruise....I think it's definitely my system not being able to keep up with the texture loading that's causing the issue. I will be getting a new system soon to replace this 5+ year old one, so I expect that issue to be resolved with the same settings I'm using now. As you know, clouds are a major FPS killer in all flight sims, so at present I can only fly with the clear weather setting in P3D. On the previous flight described above, I used the Fair Weather setting...clouds=no good! I will report back later after a new system is up and running.... Thanks to you and Dave, Jim
  4. Ah, ok Dave, thanks....I didn't have my FPS counter turned on, but I did notice hesitations during it as well. My system is 5+ years old but I cannot afford to replace it yet! Jim
  5. Hi - On my 2 flights with the A321, I've experienced violent pitching up and down, once during climb, and once during cruise. I'm running P3D 4.5, with no external weather injector, just "Fair Weather". Has anyone else experienced this? (Win7-64, 16GB RAM, GTX970, triple monitor w/surround enabled). Also - after passing an altitude restriction during climb with FL380 set in FCU, the PFD alternated between CLB and ALT (in magenta)....weird.... Thanks, Jim
  6. Thank You, Marcel! Such an easy fix...can't believe I didn't see that gps gauge line in the panel.cfg file (duh!)
  7. Thanks, Tigerclaw. That's a nicer version of the default GPS, but I'd really like to find a way to put the one I'm using as a popup directly into the panel....
  8. Hi - I just bought this great plane a few days ago and am having a blast flying it! I was wondering if it's possible to edit the panel manually to swap out the default FS9 gps gauge with a modified version of that same gauge? I found a really cool modification that I would love to substitute for it (here: http://kronzky.info/fs/500wx/ AVSIM discussion thread here: http://forum.avsim.n...ult-garmin-500/ ). (This is, of course, not the same as the RealityXP gauge that has the built in "change to" in your config application). I've already added it as a pop-up window, but would also like to have it in the actual VC panel....any possibility? Thanks for a GREAT GA aircraft....the best I've flown in the sim world! Jim
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