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  1. Then sadly, Aerosoft is not the developer for you (or me).
  2. While moderators argue to the effect of "it's not as big of a deal as all you people are saying!", the ongoing state of this thread ultimately proves my point.
  3. This is a perfectly reasonable stance...I dont want to speak for everyone, but I personally welcome and encourage proactive updates like this in the future.
  4. I wont say "the customer is always right", but I will say, as someone who works in Engineering/Tech: Be wary of dismissing user feedback. We're the only one's keeping this ship afloat. Seems like you are doing mental gymnastics to prove we are unreasonable for thinking these issues should be fixed. I dont disagree there are prioritization implications...but part of the problem is we have no transparency, no public bug tracker or roadmap for the CRJ...and there is no communication from aerosoft on these things besides randomly. It leaves users flailing around, like me.
  5. The only option that makes sense is to bite the bullet and fix it. I don't get why one feesl the need to be a contrarian. This sim will be around for 10+years, and (hopefully, for Aerosoft), people will continue to buy the CRJ. Which means support wise..it would be unsustainable, toilsome, and inefficient to not make the cockpit work intuitively with the default interaction system. At the very least...for the sanity of a) support teams b) developers and c) product management at Aerosoft...you'd be stopping a steady trickle of support tickets like "why can't pUsH thE butTons!!!?"
  6. The F-18 Asobo/Microsoft released today has collimation in the HUD, so I will keep an eye out for it in the CRJ.
  7. But that is not a solution, which is the OP's point. The solution is not to disable the interaction feature improvements Asobo added to the sim... ...it's to fix the CRJ so it works with the interaction system. It is the default interaction system for MSFS 2020. Which means any user who is flying other aircraft, default or payware, will expect to work.
  8. Because the Aerosoft CRJ hud isn't collimated...its pretty useless for actual flying, in my opinion. Especially approaches. The flight path marker moves based on where your head is...not a useful tool and not realistic.
  9. i use AAO and do not have this issue...youve got something else going on
  10. Well yes, but it's weird that I am unable to repeatedly get the same results between the two...which is why I am asking for clarification. It's kind of a blind spot in the documentation, only briefly mentioned.
  11. I opened a couple tickets months ago and they were closed (not by me)...seems that among other things: the radio controls on the pedestal are reversed: The First Officer's volume and radio controls control the Captain's radio Com2, Com3 switching still do not work correctly Is there any attention being paid to this by the devs? Hard to know in general what is being worked on for this module. Thanks for any insight.
  12. Hello! Hoping someone can offer a definitive step by step to getting the correct weight and loadout from a Simbrief flight plan. Here's my current process: Generate Simbrief Plan Export to CRJ Format Enter Sim and begin ramp start sequence Reference the Block Fuel in simbrief plan, and use CRJ fuel panel to load Load simbrief plan via ROUTE MENU and make it the active flight plan PERF INIT shows passenger number e.g. "80/130lb" and CARGO e.g. "4350lb" Enter the same amount of passengers in the EFB screen, press enter Make a total guess about weight balancing, and try to end up with 4350lb in cargo between FORE and AFT press GET INIT FUEL FROM AIRCRAFT after the fuel is done loading from step 4 and make sure you turn off the fuel panel Now here are my questions: How is the math done in PERF INIT to derive the CARGO weight? The CRJs are setting 130lbs as default passenger weight...is that accurate? The default setup in Simbrief is: 1 passenger = 230lbs (175lb + 55lb baggage), so trying to figure out what's going on there (i know the default can be changed in the FMS) What does "SET PAYLOAD IN SIMULATOR" in the EFB do? How do I correctly load cargo to make sure I can properly trim for takeoff/cruise? I am just guessing at this point Thanks for any help you can provide!
  13. I have been using Windows 11 and do not experience this. Doesn't make a whole lot of logical sense, in my opinion. OP should verify they are using the lastest motherboard drivers for their onboard sound etc.
  14. There's a ton of shops on shapeways that take requests...especially if you have the model, hint hint ^^
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