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  1. Hi Marius, Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately I dont have any emails. I've not had anything other than a confirmation since I ordered. Hence my question here as i've no clue what's happening. Thanks
  2. Hi, I placed an order with Amazon away back in September last year, and had the usual run around everyone else here has experienced. Unfortunately they have now just completely cancelled the order. I also have a pre order with aerosoft placed in March. Any indication of when that may be received? I'm not sure if this order will be with any existing stocks in circulation, or will be pushed back to Autumn now? Thanks
  3. Just decided to take the plunge and go for the pre order with Aerosoft. Cant wait for it to arrive whenever that may be. Baring any fees it might occur on delivery, it was actually cheaper via Aerosoft than Amazon as well. I had been putting off playing FS2020 until the throttle quadrant arrived. It will be great to finally check out some of the map updates that i've missed over the last however many months!
  4. Hi all, I notice that I can pre order directly from Aerosoft and the ETA is spring. Anyone any idea roughly when that will be? A month? Two months? Or the seven/eight months previously mentioned? Also, anyone from the UK thats ordered from Aerosoft had any import fees etc to pay? I'm considering just ordering with Aerosoft and giving up on my Amazon pre order but would like to double check whether or not I might face any surprise fees etc. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for your reply. I understand you are unable to answer those questions. Are you able to say whether or not Amazon are actually getting shipments though? It would be nice to know if there's at least something happening. When talking to Amazon you get a random customer service agent who has no clue and just says "its being worked on" as a standard response, so you cant help but feel like nothings actually being done and it has been forgotten about and i'd be as well accepting I will not receive the order. Thanks again
  6. Hi, I pre ordered the throttle quadrant on Amazon UK in October. I notice there were some updates three months ago in January that new dates should be provided but i cant see any news since then. Amazon have been nothing short of useless in providing info. You get the usual copy paste "we are working to fulfil your order" rubbish. Surely someone, somewhere must know whats happening with these? Thanks
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