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  1. I'm having the same issue and couldn't find anything on it. Turns out I was just looking in the wrong place.
  2. You can still set up a flight in the world settings with the same runways as your flight plan. Then just continue on like you would by setting your own flight plan in the FMS. This is what I do so I can get the taxi/takeoff/landing clearance
  3. I noticed the same thing. The right panel shows "ADS HEAT TEST OK" but the purple "ICE" does not show on the left panel. Although, I had just assumed this was because it was on the second page of messages.
  4. Had this issue for the first time today. It was a little disappointing but no big issue. I disconnected the AP and manually flew the approach. On another note I didn't know the TCAS warning system actually functions with the game AI. I even had a TCAS traffic alert warning.
  5. So I finally had a flight without this issue but I tested two things at once and not sure which helped. First, instead of setting the PERF FMS data by hand I used the COPY PERF INT DATA to FMS. Fuel and Pass/WT are the same as what i would set by hand, Cargo is not. You can see in the screenshot that the cargo is set to 940KG. When setting this by hand I put 738. Second is the use of anti-ice on cowls/wings the entire flight. No need for a screenshot on this one. I engaged all anti-ice settings before takeoff and turned them off after landing.
  6. I've tried the four fixes mentioned by the dev but nothing has worked. Flight model -> modern Icing -> visual only EFB -> set to 62, 368, 370, 3400 and clicked set payload in simulator multiple times (trim value is 7.8) COG -> set all the way to the right (35%) The first few flights that I had an issue with was before i set icing to visual only. However, even after setting it to visual only i still have the same issue. Edit: I'm going to try a flight with the wing/cowl anti-ice on before takeoff as someone mentioned.
  7. It would be great if Aerosoft would even acknowledge the issue. (given that they did take my money)
  8. I had hopes for this and spent another hour and a half from cold and dark from EDLP-EDDM. Edit: one of the differences in The Dudes videos and the tutorial in the manual was the transition altitude. I did not set it to 5000 (as Europe requires) but still the same issue. So neither ice nor transition altitude are to blame Nope. Same issues.
  9. Yeah, I see that now. I'll try that and give you an update. Thanks for the help
  10. Not sure what you are referring to. I've even just opened MSFS2020 again to be sure and don't see an icing model setting. To clear up some things, I do have anti-ice on. Right and left windows as well as cowls. Also, anytime I turn cowl anti-ice off after the first ice indication, it always has an ice warning regardless of the temp/altitude
  11. I will keep testing as well but so far nothing has worked. I've even tried commenting on The Dudes videos about this subject but they are removed. Edit: To be clear, I don't know who is removing them. I have asked several questions and The Dude has answered the same day.
  12. Another flight with the same issue. AOA is fine throughout the entire flight until 5,000ft/flaps 1.
  13. I've followed the tutorial manual step by step and even The Dude's tutorial videos but now for the second time (both EDLP-EDDM)(screenshot is from a 3rd try at 26r) during the decent/final the AP is putting the AOA at 15-20 as soon as I put flaps on. I've read the manual so I know that 210 is the min speed without flaps/gear. It's around that speed I've engaged the first setting of flaps. The problem is from there until landing the AOA goes to a very steep angle. FD and AP puts it at almost 20 degrees. Even retracting the flaps and increasing my speed doesn't change anyt
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