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  1. Can Aerosoft please confirm their Patch Policy for direct customers. Is it now Aerosoft's policy to delay releasing patches to their direct customer either via download from their account or via the AS-Updater, until the patch is available on the in sim market place? Please do not say its all Developers because it is not, and Aerosoft do not speak for all. I would like to know your Policy please.
  2. Those of us that bought the product Directly via Aerosoft, have a purchase agreement with Aerosoft not with MS, therefore this so called "Patches have to be synced with the MSFS Market place" is null and void, nowhere in the sale or your T&C's does it say "updates are at the behest of a 3rd party!! No where" And if this is the case why bother installing the AS Updater, why bother selling directly at all? Do the right thing Aerosoft and release the patch, the "old boys club" will fall around your ears
  3. Why is there so many lies...Just be honest and say it is because you dont want to upset the people who bought it on the market place and you know that will put them off buying again from there, instead of telling us lies. There is no agreement in place, 3rd parties do what they want. This is just awful, we buy direct, you have the patch it could be released on the AS Updater but you are holding back for your own benefit! There really needs to be legislation on stuff like this! Please show us the agreement where ASOBO/MS state this!
  4. Sorry but it is not. OrbX updates their product through OrbX platform way before MSFS.
  5. Ok a very kind forum member inboxed me the solution and it works. DELETE ANY FLIGHT PLANS WITH MORE THAN 8 CHARECTERS IN THE FILE NAME. This has solved my issue. Have to say the way the original post was closed is a serious red flag! Why do that? We just needed help!
  6. Why was this thread closed? There is an issue and we need help? Why was it closed with no support?
  7. Guys the flight plans are not loading into either the 1st or the second. We all know why we have 2 flight plans, but its no good when neither are populated.
  8. I have checked this, does not work. Nothing in the second or first flight plan. This is getting silly now, it used to work
  9. I will check that, but that is not it was behaving before? so what has changed
  10. Plan Loaded. But it hasn't loaded anything. Legs page is empty, to/from go back dashes, and no plan on the map. It has been working fine since launch.
  11. I have just started having this issue! It has been fine since launch and now today its dead. I had to load my entire plan by hand...The tedium, oh the tedium I have re-installed the plane, re-set it..Still wont load a plan, not even ones that worked!
  12. Today I wanted to do a flight LICR - LIME, Everything has been fine, I created the flight in Simbrief as usual put it in the correct folder. However now none of the plans load, It says plan loaded but no LEGS, and the Dest / origin are empty. The nav data is fine. I can put in my plan manually but its quite tedious when it worked fine before. I tried everything, reset the plane by following the guide, and I have now re-installed it, but I am still having this issue. Even plans that worked before wont work? What could this be?
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