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  1. Well I don't use Vatsim all the time... Again all these difficulties will be resolved if they connect the FMS FP to the FS FP... Try the flybywire mod and you see what I mean
  2. Yeah but all of the proposed solutions are just work arounds... Is this ever going to be a fixed? What if I am in the middle of a flight and I want to change my SID or STAR (which is something common in flight)? Or what if I want to change my destination? It is impossible to ask the ATC for changes... All the default planes have give you that option when you change stuff in the FMS. Plus these solutions are all so much work... I want a simple solution to just choose a gate and sit on it! Ask the ATIS information and then setup a flight plan in simbrief accordingly! How do I know which runway is Active for departure if I am not in the sim listening to the AITS?
  3. Hello, I have been trying to fly more with the CRJ recently and I noticed if I add a new FP into FMS or change my current FP I won't get the option to ask for the new FP from the controller. I know I can load a flight plan before loading the flight from the World menu, but I that's not usually how I do it. I usually load the aircraft in the departure airport and then using simbriefe I generate a FP and put it into the FMS. But then I never get the option to get clearance for it from the tower. This is the case for all the default planes though. It seems that the CRJ FMS flight planning is disconnected from the ATC features somehow. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the great looking scenery. I noticed the positioning of the VDGS is so wrong. They are floating in the sky... I have screen shots:
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