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  1. As Herbert (aka Puukka) stated, there is also a problem with MDA. Because I can't edit the post, I will add it here with a pretty thick font. There isn't any audible callout for MDA at all! It is only displayed on the PFD. I have already tried a complete reinstall of the CRJ, but It didn't change anything. Looking into these issues would be greatly appreciated. Don't forget about other simulators as well!
  2. I just did a test approach, and I didn't have a callout for MDA too. I remembered that something was wrong with MDA, but I forgot what exactly. Thanks for reminding me. Let's hope that they'll fix it and not only for MSFS CRJ, but P3D one as well. Regards, Olaf
  3. For approximately 2 months I have a minimums callout problem. It is being repeated even after passing DH. It happens at every approach which uses DH (it doesn't occur with MDA). I saw a forum topic from March with a similar issue, but it's still happening for me so I decided to make this post. Here's an example video showing this issue:
  4. Thanks for making it clear. I completely understand it, tho I hope that MSFS will have sooner or later more failures options like x-plane. I guess you can close this topic now.
  5. I wanted to learn more about the CRJ systems. In the process, I have discovered that cabin pressurization manual controls don't work and the same goes for the air conditioning ones. Also, emergency depress seems to doesn't work as well as ram air. And there are a few other things that don't do anything, like the EICAS selector on an SSP panel. Even if it's set to ED1, I still can't change an ED1 page using ECP. I didn't find any information about these systems not being simulated in the manual, so I just decided to ask about it.
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