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  1. Hey all, For the second time i've experienced weird behaviour from the autopilot. On 2 flights the AP banked to the right, inverted the plane crashed down towards the ground. This happend 2 times during my climb to cruising altitude. I'm following the programmed route in the FMC. Nav mode enabled. Climb via V/S set at +2000 feet/min. Speed was around 270 knots. Both times this happend between 20.000 and 30.000 feet. Due to the high speed this isn't a stall. The plane just starts to bank right and keeps going. Steering left doesn't work. Neither does shutting down the AP. When I try to recover the plane by steering left (before it's too late), nothing happends. The plane continues to bank right, until it's inverted and goes into a dive. I've also checked the input from my joke and rudder, but they are perfectly normal. There is no input to steer right from any device connected to my computer. Other planes do not react like this. Flight model is on Modern, not Legacy. Any thoughts what might happend? Or is may this be a bug? Greetings, J.Giesselbach
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