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    PC-6 B2-H4 'Turbo Porter' 4X Preview

    Looking fantastic Marcel, may I ask if this will feature the incredibly fun cleaning and fueling and maintenance features that the Katana has? I just love how all that works! Also have you simulated damage?
  2. SpeedbirdA320FO

    Carenado C90B KING AIR HD SERIES

    Would you care to elaborate? I'm considering it but not so sure anymore?? Cheers,
  3. SpeedbirdA320FO

    No runway lights at any aerosoft scenery

    Reinstall of the scenery? Or the whole of FSX? I'll try the scenery, but I had runway lights at Andras Field, then lost them somewhere between the installs of Corfu x and Paderborn! Thanks for the help, I'll let you know. Sam.
  4. SpeedbirdA320FO

    No runway lights at any aerosoft scenery

    Here's a screenshot showing what I mean:
  5. Hi Aerosoft team, Got a bit of a problem here, only just noticed it so I can't seem to pinpoint where it went wrong, but I think it was after I installed either Paderborn or Corfu but at all Aerosoft airports I no longer have any runway lights, I have guiding lights at Corfu and some other airport lights there also, but no runway lights at Andras, Paderborn or Corfu etc etc..any ideas? Using Win 7 64bit with FSX all patched up. Never had this issue until recently. Cheers. PS - If you need more system info let me know, Sam.
  6. SpeedbirdA320FO

    New to Andras Field

    Hey flight simmers, New to Andras Field and understand it's been out for a while and running its course, was just wondering how many people regularly are around online and where you fly? Is it using VATSIM or still the other client? Looking forward to getting online and flying around Cheers.
  7. SpeedbirdA320FO

    Thank you

    It is FANTASTIC..completely brought GA to life like it's never been before..thanks a lot Marcel and your team! Sam
  8. SpeedbirdA320FO

    Aerosoft in 2011

    What makes me laugh is Winfried Diekmann is classed as a 'Flight Attendant' on the forum for the company he's at the helm of..hehe Welcome newbie..just kidding!! Nice read! Regards, Sam.
  9. SpeedbirdA320FO

    Find the rest of the community

    I see, thanks! Sam.
  10. SpeedbirdA320FO

    Want to buy a plot?

    Thanks Bruce, I'll check it out!
  11. SpeedbirdA320FO

    Andras Field Air Force

    Would not accept mil activities? There's military hangers and even an AH-64 modelled on the ground at AF...
  12. SpeedbirdA320FO

    Find the rest of the community

    Hey guys, when do you all fly around AF? It would be quite cool to be able to find you lot, I guess it's not done on VATSIM or IVAO but another platform? The name escapes me! Sam.
  13. SpeedbirdA320FO

    1.12 available

    LOL I've noticed this too!!
  14. SpeedbirdA320FO

    Want to buy a plot?

    Hi there Evan, thanks for the warm welcome, and you'll deffo be seeing a lot more of me! Just downloading the scenery now and I'm quite excited to see another dimension within FSX! I'll take a look at the links you've posted and I'm sure you could find a place for me as I very much look forward to operating out of Andras Field! Being CPL/IR with an A320 job I could also be part of the flying school? I think I read that somewhere; knowledge is useless if it's not shared no? I'll hopefully be able to secure a plot with a hanger, but I'll read into that more instead of asking questions which I can answer myself with a little bit of searching!! Look forward to seeing you! Kind Regards - Sam.
  15. SpeedbirdA320FO

    Want to buy a plot?

    Hi everyone, Just stumbled across this new idea and I have to say...I LOVE IT! Now, I'm hoping to move myself, my family and my new Cessna Caravan into a new plot, what is available right now and for what price? (Not that it matters) I'd need a hanger fit for the Caravan and possibly a car? I'll look forward to joining the community and helping where I can Sam BA A320 FO