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  1. I'm using Spad.Next, not the MSFS default binding system. I keep on searching....
  2. Are you using any third party soft to bind the Bravo ?
  3. That's why I"m afraid of the fix... i'm using multi axis throttle and having the problem anyway... so I wonder if i'm the only one to face the issue with this kind of hardware....
  4. Another question here cause the other topic has been closed, is the fix only for single axis throttle users ? on my side using a bravo throttle I also have the problem....
  5. Using Spad with a Bravo, it only works (visually at least) when the "Throttle calibration" menu is open in the tablet.... once I close it, it acts with no logic regarding the throttle position. Even if I press validate and Ok (Without error) before closing the menu No raw data logged in that menu even when throttles visually move....
  6. I've been able to take off (twice) while forgetting to switch all hydraulic switches (to ON or AUTO) is this normal ? I had no alarm of any kind and the A/C flew as usual...
  7. Ok , thanx !! Wasn't sure it was automatic so I was doing it manually....
  8. Is there a way to increment the DA faster (more than +1 by clic) ? When you have 500ft to put in, it takes a looooooonnggg time Thx
  9. When are we supposed to switch from one to the other ? Thx
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