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  1. Hello, Currently the displayed ITT and the SimConnect output for ITT do not match (SimConnect is much higher and obviously not working on the same scale). Would it be possible to expose the ITT for the purpose of displaying it in external hardware? N1, N2, engine oil temp and pressure are both in line with what simconnect is outputting, so just ITT appears to be the issue. Thank you, Paul
  2. Greetings, From what I can tell, there is no variable to show the current state of the flight director (on or off). Let me give an example: If I am trying to access the NAV button for use with my hardware device, I can use the following commands: LVAR:ASCRJ_FCP_NAV (toggles the NAV state) LVAR:ASCRJ_FCP_NAV_LED (shows me the state on / off) For the flight director, it has: LVAR:ASCRJ_FCP_FD (toggles the FD state) But it doesn't have anything to tell me what the flight director state is in the moment, and the SIMCONNECT var for flight director state is perpetually set to "on". While I understand that the CRJ does not have a FD led in the cockpit, many many external hardware products have a FD button with an indicator light and customers will expect that to light up when the FD is active. We are looking for something like this to be exposed: LVAR:ASCRJ_FCP_FD_STATE (shows me the state on / off of the flight director) Thank you, Paul
  3. Hey guys! Thanks very much for the hard work you are doing. I am trying to make the CRJ fully compatible with my hardware device, and am running into the following issue: - Sending LVAR:ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_CHANGE values of 1 and -1 seems to work fine to adjust the autopilot. - The issue is that I have to then display that altitude on my device using LVAR:ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_INFO - LVAR:ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_INFO seems to lag quite a bit and updates every second or so, which won't work for my device because users won't know what altitude they have selected until 0.5-1 seconds after they select it (and it wont show the increments in-between the updates). Thanks again! Paul
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