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  1. Thanks Hans. Any news on when weather radar will be available at all?
  2. Does not work sorry
  3. I can't bring my HUD up either? Anyone know a fix?
  4. Hi, All I know of that they have been reported. Are you planning to fix these issues in a future update or not? Thank you.
  5. +1. Just had the same issue approaching 08R ILS at EGKK. The aeroplane started to follow a descent path below the GS.
  6. Still no gear sound from the latest patch.
  7. Hello, I just want to say that I love the update and you guys have improved an already great aircraft but, there are still a couple of issues since the latest patch: 1) Cabin announcement played twice after landing: After every touchdown I have the cabin announcement "please remain seated" is always played twice. 2) Minimums call out every 100ft below DH: I think this bug is still there. I set the DH in the PFD yet every time I'm below the DH I still get a Minimums call out every 100ft even though I'm way below minimums. Any help with these issues will be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Can anyone confirm that this issue has been solved since the latest patch? I am unable to confirm myself as I've bought it from the sim marketplace. Cheers
  9. Thanks for providing these. Does anyone know whether the fuel factor needs changing? Thanks.
  10. Is there any further update on whether this will actually be changed due to the various feedback provided? Thanks.
  11. Hi, when reaching DH should there just be one "minimums" callout? You then decide to continue or go around. Instead I get several "minimums" callouts every 100ft below the DH until touchdown? Is this a bug or user error? Thank you!
  12. I've flown on several aeroplanes on the jumpseat similar to the CRJ and neither of them had this howling wind noise when I took my headset off. I would be concerned if the manufacturer sold the aeroplane with this loud noise in the cabin!
  13. Hi, For some reason I am getting a "Minimums" callout after 100 ft below 500ft. Can someone help me clarify what I am doing wrong exactly? Thank you.
  14. I also have the announcement play twice, sometimes overlapping or straight after one another! Is it something to do with wheel touchdown or after deploying reversers to idle throttle? Glad its not just me experiencing this!
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