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  1. While not as fancy as the HOTAS or Honeycomb, etc...I recently was gifted a Logitech 3D Pro. I'm having trouble with arming thrust reverse and other throttle related items, it seems I need the mouse for most operations. Does anyone else use this hardware for the CRJ, if so can you share your settings? Thanks.
  2. It didn’t really - the red text vanished however I also observed: - Cabin Alt read 12000 - C Temp read -56c at cruise I distinctly remember the pack lights were off and recirc fan was on. Bleeds were at Auto as I don’t touch those.
  3. Today I opted for a KSFO to KJAC flight. While climbing to FL370, Master Warning was enabled with DIFF PRESS on the ECAS. It eventually self resolved, however I'm not sure of what procedure to follow if I experience this again. Obligatory - I'm not a real pilot and this is my 3rd flight with the CRJ on MSFS. Thank you.
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