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  1. I made this change and it still works ok. I still do have to define this range in spad.next. It seems that the raw controller axis value is 0 to 255 by default. The crj will not detect the axis input using spad, so I have discovered, unless you have the raw value option set to yes in spad, so I just rescaled as you suggested (originally I had 0 to 5000). Everything working good now. Just working out some minor issues now with the reversers not going to full reverse when in the lower detent, but with lvars now I'm sure it won't be an issue, just time to figure it out.
  2. Thanks, Actually I got most everything working and improved using the lvars and the spad.next lvar bridge. Working now on just getting the switch panel and auto pilot panel working. With the lvars should be no problem. Thanks again
  3. I did try that originally, (that's the default) and for whatever reason it still wouldn't detect. I'll try fiddling with it more now that I at least have it functional
  4. happy to report that the thrust axis for both engines is now working properly. I used the value suggested above, I did need to rescale the axis value to 0 to 5000 (just a big number) because the minimum threshold for the detent settings on the flight pad was 100 and the scale of the saitek is 0 to 255... after I did that it works properly. I did a similar thing for the spoiler axis. The elevator trim axis seems to work using the default spad standard axis for elevator trim Flaps work on the standard axis (auto detent) but between 100% to 75% physical position of the thrust lever corresponds to 0 flaps to 45 flaps respectively. So for whatever reason the control range is only there and i have not been able to get it to recognize when I set it to any of the other available variables when I go to custom axis. But this is a great start at least I can fly now! Thanks for the help. I will publish a snippit of both of my thrust quads configuration to spad
  5. No but I'm in the process of making my own, I like this plane so I'm going to put all my effort into making it work with spad. I will publish if I get it working with these suggestions
  6. I will try these suggestions, when I get it working I will publish my profile on spad next. Right now I'm using the default thrust axis for spad, but I do have the option for custom so I will try that and see and report results. Thanks for suggestions
  7. I have a Logitec Flight controls setup which includes yoke, rudder pedals, 2 throttle quadrants, FIPs, radio panel, multi panel, and switch panel. I have interface setup through Spad.next. Spad.next is using simconnect to transmit the information or commands to the simulator, in my MSFS menu all of my throttle quadrants have nothing assigned to any of the axis. I am unable to calibrate my throttle quadrant per the instructions because it is not detecting a value from my thrust lever axis. The current value listed is null, and when I try to set the position of a detent, it puts -999999. When I move my thrust lever, the plane throttles up, but then slowly starts to decrease back to 0. If I leave the calibration menu open on the flight pad, then the thrust functions properly (and does not have the decreasing problem) but no matter what, the animation for the thrust levers do not move. My other planes work but the CRJ550/700 that I just purchased from the marketplace does not. I am not too worried about the switches, I believe I can continue to work with my Spad.next programming to get them to function but I do not know what to do with the thrust levers. My rudder pedals and yoke work so I am not understanding why the throttle quad thrust levers are not.
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