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  1. Easily the most frustrating MSFS experience I have had since the game launched. Have given the CRJ the old "College Try" but I just can't get the plane to work properly. Have scoured the forums, watched countless YouTube tutorials and still can't get this thing to fly (like the other aircraft in MSFS). Auto Pilot is broken, have yet to get the CRJ to follow flight plan even though everything is setup properly and green lights are on. Only way I can fly is by manually moving the heading bug through my flight plan so that I don't fly away in the wrong direction. Can't reach cruise altitude,
  2. What am I doing wrong? I set everything up properly pre-flight, take off with no issues, get Nav, Speed, Autopilot all turned on (in that order) and all have the green lights on. The problem is that the plane does NOT follow the flight plan. It only chases the heading bug... however I don't have the heading button turned on???? My flight director is turned on, autopilot, nav, speed button all turned on with green lights and yet the plane ignores the flight plan I have programmed in and continues to chase the heading bug. I end up using the Heading button/dial to manually turn my plane and
  3. yep that was the problem.... thanks. Thought the CRJ automatically had the chalks installed before jumping in but no always.
  4. Running into consistent issue with activating the external power cart in the EFB. I turn on both the battery and the other switch beside it, go into EFB and open up all doors which work fine. However the button for the External Power Cart is "Grey", does not allow me to click it and activate in order to get the external power hooked up to CRJ. So I can't get any power to aircraft without the external power. Anyone else have this issue??
  5. Have read the manual, watched every YouTube tutorial and I still can't get my AP to engage. Can confirm that I have my flight plan loaded properly, no warnings showing and yaw damper on. I take off with no issues, start to climb at correct speed, I click Nav button, followed by Speed button, get my plane following flight director and then proceed to click Auto Pilot button. All the other buttons light up with the green lights, EXCEPT the Auto Pilot. I am completely lost and beyond frustrated. Not sure if I am missing something in the start up process, or if my copy of is simply buggy and
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