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  1. I got it yesterday when I (perhaps foolishly) tried to enter a destination airport into the FMS without having entered any departure airport. Panels and controls stuck, but the plane kept flying. If I moved my throttle I could hear the sound changing. No FSUIPC or other add-ons involved.
  2. Moving a throttle lever back (towards you) past the idle detent sends a button event (it isn't simply an extension of the "joystick" axis). Is there a way to get that to correspond to the matching movement of the throttle lever in the CRJ cockpit, to the "shut off" position? I tried mapping the buttons to the "throttle 1 cut" and "throttle 2 cut" in MSFS's control options, but that did nothing. If not, I can of course shut off an engine using the button in the overhead panel. Is that more or less equivalent to what using the throttle lever does anyway?
  3. It is possible to make it a bit less sensitive by adjusting the sensitivity curve for the flaps lever axis in MSFS. But still, the movement of the physical level is far from equivalent to that of the simulated one.
  4. But how can I get the "shut off" position of the throttle levers to work? Both the Braco throttle levers, and the ones in the CRJ cockpit have such a position, it would be nice if pulling the physical levers down past idle would cause the corresponding thing for the CRJ levers. (Sure, it is possible to shut off the engines using the buttons in the overhead panel too.) Pulling the levers down past the detent corresponds to buttons 26 and 27. I assigned those to the "throttle 1 cut" and "throttle 2 cut" functions, but that did not have any effect.
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