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  1. What solved this for me was to ensure you set elevator trim prior to take off and ensure your anti ice is off. I have isolated a climb issue to having anti ice on. Hope this helps you.
  2. Thanks! Just wondering how to operate when I get vectors and need to advance beyond that stage.
  3. So flew into weather today at Memphis and where I can usually fly the entire approach by hand the weather made it impossible. When not using atc how do I fly vectors when part of the flight plan? How do I advance the fms to know to go direct to approach fix? Also at times I hit the hdg button and use the obs to change heading and the CRJ doesn’t turn. I think these things are the last things to figure out before I head to vatsim in the CRJ. thanks all!
  4. To capture the GS I am coming in 100ft below altitude and beginning a slight descent before going to approach mode. I was having a similar issue.
  5. Figured it out. Needed a slight descent and to be right under altitude. thanks!
  6. While flying the flight plan the CRJ seems to be chasing the nav needle and consistently banking from left to right while it chases. Seems to be slightly over shooting the nav needle and trying to catch up. Anyone else having this issue?
  7. When flying ohare 10L ils the aircraft is picking up the localizer but not capturing the glideslope. What am or could I be missing?
  8. Will give this all a try thanks. Definitely have been on the modern model so far.
  9. Hi all appreciate any help possible. - Using SimBrief for flight planning and aircraft is unable to climb past around 18,000 feet with full power. I have to assume this is a W&B issue but performance page looks ok. There is no way I can get to altitude like this. - Using a Logitech flight yoke system and when shooting the ils I am having to excessively press the yolk forward to descend which is creating a erratic decent and jerky movement on the aircraft. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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