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  1. Hi, whenever I input cargo amount of 590Kg in FWD Cargo on EFB, then it deletes itself, but 589Kg works, so I guess that theres incorrect limit
  2. Hi Ive just started my 1290nm flight from LZIB to HECA and Ive noticed that Simbrief calculated 6975kg of fuel, which according to flight computer is not enough for almost 2000kg of fuel, so Ive been thinking if there is some simbrief profile settings, which could be more accurate for that ?
  3. After many flights where SPD mode worked well, now it doesnt want to catch up. I have set .77 mach speed to climb, but it just flies to nearly .80 mach and slowly climbing between 0-600fpm. Throttle in CL detent, anti-ice off
  4. HDG mode works well, but LNAV is sometimes unable to hold heading.. yesterday I flew 2hours flight and last 30mins It went to snake mode, so I had to use HDG. I assume that its not issue due to a winds when HDG works well in same conditions.
  5. CG is somehow calculated twice in the EFB. For example first time I input data into EFB it calculates trim to value 7.1 and after second click on calculations it changes to 6.3... then which of these 2 values is correct? Also as you said, fuel from simbrief is working allright, but ZFW is different, even default ZFW in EFB is different than the ZFW value from the pdf manuals and it gives different TOW between EFB and FMC
  6. after few days problem is back... autopilot sets trim on 100% up so I set SPD mode to 0.74mach to climb back on 38.000ft, but FD still leads pitch up and CRJ is unable to gain speed and altitude after few moments later when I tried to reset FD, NAV, AP, SPD it decides to rotate around a waypoint... I just dont get it.. this is ridiculously frustrating, Throttle is set to CL Detent, Barometers are synchronized Ive just tried to trim it manualy ,gain speed and try to climb with SPD mode again and I just get pitch pointed into the universe.. If its too heavy or anything that could explain that Im doing something wrong, or I want something that is undoable by this plane, then I would understand.. but it gets on this altitude excelently well and after random time it just goes into selfsuicide mode
  7. Okay so problem is solved, I notified that malwarebytes was detecting trojan. Solution was: Added exception for update.aerosoft.com.dedi2593.your-server.de , and ASUpdater.exe I hope that its just false detection
  8. I have updated NavData via Navigraph, CRJ was working well in the game and few mins ago I just randomly checked ASUpdater and got this Disabled defender and added exception into firewall but no effect
  9. Hi when I open ASUpdater I get this message. Yesterday it was working fine
  10. This shows up when I hit "decrease throttle" imidiately after touchdown. No more reverse thrust power than this and I cant even hear anything.
  11. tried all of suggested solutions, but none of them works properly.. best of them is to bind "decrease throttle", but that works properly only when taxi on taxiways or being at the gate... when I touchdown, decrease throttle to zero value and press that "decrease throttle" it just shows "REV" but does nothing until I move the stick and press that button for like 10 times , but thats too late Reversers are armed and anti-ice off
  12. same experience here, today I also noticed that sharp turns on departures are very often ignored, so I must use DIRECT TO for CRJ to continue the plan
  13. same for me, I have to use landing lights when taxiing in the night, because with just taxi lights I cant see anything
  14. That flight director goes crazy... dont know if I did something THAT wrong but sychronizing all altimeters seems that fixed that problem, will see tommorow on another flight.
  15. tried it and on first look it seems that its better, will try more on other flights, thanks !
  16. Ive just got into stall out of nowhere after about 2hours of flying where everything was ok.. 5minutes of fighting the airplane to get out of it, when I even slow down and set lower altitude, flight director sets pitch for like 20 degrees up and plane follows it even without AP on.. Ive got it on video, now Im uploading it, after few minutes I'll post it here, so it might reveal some my mistake
  17. seems that it just got forgotten 😕
  18. Hi, I would like to use CRJ correctly with simbrief profiles, when I choose weight of cargo, number of pax etc, but from the tutorials, manuals, youtube videos its just not clear on how to do it properly and any way I tried doesnt match on 100%. Im thinking about HOW to input these data into the EFB and aircraft, so I tried this method as on the screenshot. 1. Load flight plan downloaded via Simbrief Downloader and loaded it into the plane FMC. 2. On EFB click on "INIT FUEL FROM AIRCRAFT" - this correctly loads amount of fuel on the simbrief plan. 3. Manually input ZFW from the plan into the EFB and then "SET PAYLOAD IN SIMULATOR" and then "COPY PERF INT DATA TO FMS" But this is what I get Fuel is OK, cargo isnt, pax are 70 instead of 69 and ZFW is different too. In manuals CRJ7 has ZFW 28 259kg, but ingame model has different values. This is simbrief aircraft profile which Im using: Can someone make clear on how to do this properly to get correct values? Thanks
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